Why choose us

Your loved ones are in great hands!

We’re professional, caring and always focused on the individual needs of your
child. This shows with the careful planning that is created each week taken
from your child’s observations. For us it is not about setting a planning that is
general but by individually meeting each child’s needs and ensuring the very
best start within their all-important early years.

Why Us?

We’ll provide your child with a safe, secure, healthy, fun and stimulating
environment throughout their time with us.

Our team is friendly, qualified and highly experienced.

Our approach to childcare and early years education promotes creativity,
individuality and self-confidence.

We always ‘go the extra mile’ for children in our care and their families.
We’ll keep you regularly updated on your child’s time with us and their
progress, through daily feedbacks, bi-years reports and through their learning

You’ll learn more about the nurseries via our weekly planning updates, monthly
newsletters and social media sites.

We also hold regular parent coffee mornings, parent – teacher meetings and a
range of fun and exciting events are held throughout the year all the while
forming excellent parent partnerships.

Together, we’ll help you to give your child the best possible start in life, and a
head start in primary school.